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Monday, March 28, 2011

So The Journey Officially Begins

I (we) have never given the idea of having a blog a 2nd thought....until today.   Seems our journey has officially started.  Although we haven't started telling our family or friends yet, Jim says I need to let all this out.  So I decided what better way to tell our story than to start a blog. 

Jim and I have always wanted to be fathers but kept finding reasons why we shouldn't.  "It wasn't the "right" time",  "I'm too busy at work",   "Is it right for two men to have kids",   "Are we too old" etc etc.  Basically, you name it and we came up with that excuse too!   However, every time we put it off, we couldn't let it go.  Having a family was never far from our minds.  Although we have each accomplished a lot separately and in our almost eleven years together, we wanted our lives to mean something, we wanted to share our love and we wanted to build a family.  So, after two years in the making, we finally did it. This is our story.