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Monday, April 18, 2011

Our First Ultrasound

Jim and I drove to San Diego on Friday for our first ultrasound.  Morgan (our amazing Surrogate) wasn't feeling very well that morning and you could see it on her face.  She is such an upbeat and happy person but you could tell that the pregnancy was taking it's toll on her that day.  That said, she was a trooper and made the best of the morning even though she was terribly sick.  Maria & Cora (our friends and owners of Modern Family Surrogacy Center) were there for the ultrasound and to help us with whatever news we were given that day.   After getting Morgan settled in the examination room, Dr Smotrich came in and started the ultrasound and in a few seconds confirmed that we are expecting triplets!  Although we had been made aware of the news a few days before, we had yet to see them with our own eyes.  Until that moment it wasn't real to us.  But there they were.  All three of our embryos had implanted, were growing at a rapid rate and all had strong heartbeats.  No turning back now!   Dr Smotrich suggested that Morgan be seen by a high risk OB to help us understand what was in store for her/us over the next several months.  Although Morgan, Jim and I are all scared of the prospect of a triplet pregnancy,  we are excited that our dream of having a family (albeit a much larger one) is now a reality.