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Friday, June 22, 2012

Doc Band Calendar

We have been asked to participate in the Doc Band Calendar for next year....
this is the shot they like....

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Our First Fathers Day

Seems I always start off my posts with apologies these days as I rarely get the chance to post.   So many things are going on in our world, that it's just hard to find the time.   All parents (especially parents of newborns) understand this but I feel like apologizing nonetheless as I feel bad that I want to keep everyone updated on our journey.

Kids are doing great.   Piper and Campbell will be getting out of their doc bands (see earlier post) this weekend and Travis will have his on for another few weeks.   They have really responded well to the treatment and they haven't seemed to mind wearing them at all.

Piper is crawling!  OMG   Our lives will NEVER be the same!   Although having three kids is no picnic, at least they haven't been mobile!   Now, we put Piper down and by the time we turn around, she is on the move (mainly in circles but we know it's only a matter of a few days where she will really get the hang of it and we are in real trouble then).   Jim and I feel she is classic middle child in that she doesn't require as much attention as the older or younger of the triplets.   (She is also the child that steals toys when no one else is looking and hopes that the older or younger one get's blamed!  ha)   The doctors told us to wait until now to determine eye color.   Piper has darker brown hair and beautiful hazel eyes just like our donor.   She also has THE most infectious giggle (usually with a tongue hanging out).

Campbell is right behind Piper in the crawling.   She is still the baby that gives us the most.   The most smiles, the most giggles and the most attention but she is also the one that gives us the most sleepless nights.   She sleeps very well for about an hour at any given time and then needs to know that we are near.   Sometimes it just takes a gentle touch to remind her that we are there for her and she goes back to sleep.  Other times, she needs our FULL attention and nothing less will do (thus the sleepless night on occasion).   She has light blond hair and bright blue eyes that will melt your heart.

Travis, our blond hair brown eyed boy is our sweet gentile soul.   He takes having two (very) active sisters in stride and only really fusses when he is on his Tummy or when he is hungry.   Otherwise, he is still the most chill of the three.   The girls like to spend time in their cribs together...but they don't like it when we put him in there with them.   He is a big boy and, as boys do, he likes to kick and push and play hard....and the girls just don't want anything to do with, he often plays by himself in his own crib.    (Jim keeps suggesting that we have another boy to keep Travis company but that isn't EVER going to happen!!!) 

All in all, we are a happy family with three beautiful, healthy, rapidly growing trio that a year ago were just a fantasy on an ultrasound screen.   We thank Ashley, Momo and Cora for all they did for us last year and we thank our family and friends for sharing in this incredible journey with us.   We look forward to many many more Father's Days to come.  Hope yours was as fun as ours.  

Piper and Campbell enjoying the backyard
Travis at the doctors office showing off his head!

Kids and their Doc Bands...