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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Happy Spring!!!

Wanted to give everyone a quick update.   (sorry that we haven't posted in a long while).    We finally recovered from our Christmas/New Years trip (see post below) and are well into spring.   Kids are doing great....babbling and (kindof) talking up a storm.    They are 18 months now and, according to the pediatrician, have 'caught up' in every way to full term babies so we no longer have to distinguish between their 'actual age' and their 'adjusted age'.   Here is a recent (Easter) photo

Campbell, Travis, Piper at Easter.
They have pretty much maintained their original personalities:

Campbell is definitely the leader.  She is first to do almost everything.  She is wickedly smart and frequently uses her sign language to let us know what she wants.  She loves books and will often go off on her own and sit and 'read' her favorite books (which means rapidly turn the pages).   She is demanding and knows what she wants and how to get it (usually by smiling at either Dad or Daddy).

Piper is very sweet and happy.   She is still the smallest and defers to the other two in times of conflict.  When either of the others are sad/crying, Piper always goes over to pat them to make it better.  That said, she can be pushed to her limit and when she does,Watch Out!   She loves to dance and will do so anytime, anywhere and in front of anyone (which makes for some interesting looks in public!)

Travis loves cars/trucks and airplanes or anything with a wheel!   He is the most attached to our two dogs and loves seeing them first thing in the morning.   He and the girls get along really well but he likes to play rough with them sometimes and they don't like it.  He is still our most sensitive child so when the girls let him know he is playing too rough, his feelings get hurt (which is very sweet).

They are very active, happy kids taking swimming lessons, music lessons and going to the gym twice a week (wish their dads had time to do that!).   No summer vacation plans with them just yet (see post below as to why).   Will try and blog a little more.  In the meantime, here are a few more random photos: