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Monday, August 26, 2013

Busy Dads = Bad Bloggers!!!

With (almost) two year olds running around in every different direction, we barely have time to turn around much less to blog.   That said, many of you have asked for recent pictures of the kids, so that is the least we could do.

Campbell, Piper and Travis are growing like crazy, talking up a storm and making our lives complete every single day.   Thank you for your continued interest in them (and us) and enjoy the photos....


Piper and Campbell wearing their new dresses made by their Grandma (they call her Nana)

Campbell sitting in the dentist chair all by herself (Piper and Travis had to be held)

Travis having watermelon on the rind for the first time

Piper being funny (at least she thinks she is)

Campbell enjoying her spaghetti

Travis eating (likely Campbell's) spaghetti!

Heading to the pool in style

Touring the (new) neighborhood after swimming