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Friday, August 10, 2012


Just a quick update on our household:

 Piper was the first to start crawling (about a month ago) and is now pulling herself up and standing every chance she gets.   Initially, she fell about 90% of the time and luckily we were there to catch her (save for a few minor head bruises).   Now, she knows how to pull herself up and get herself back down.   When held by her hands, she is putting one foot in front of the other and is making great strides.   She will be walking (God help us) before her first birthday which is no small feat since her adjusted age will only be 10 months at that time....Go Piper!

Campbell started crawling last week.   She had been tempting us that she was ready for a while by getting up on her hands and knees, tongue out and a fierce look in her eye that she was going to do it...and then would sit back down in frustration (for her and for us!).   We always had our video phones ready to capture the first crawling no avail....again and again.....until this past week and here is the result of her very first crawl...


Travis is a little behind his sisters in the crawling department (as all boys are we are told).  He loves to stand and jump but, until recently, didn't have any desire to actually crawl.  However, as he sees the girls crawling and moving, he has an new found desire to be mobile.  He is rapidly closing the gap and will be crawling shortly.      He is our best eater (no surprise) and our best sleeper (lazy boy) and is always happy.    He is the only one still wearing his Doc Band but should have that off before his birthday next month.  Here is a picture at his last Doc Band appointment...I think his little noggin looks great!

All kids have been cutting teeth the past couple months but, truthfully, they didn't really fuss about we consider ourselves lucky.   Piper and Travis currently have four top teeth coming in so we shall see if their chill attitude continues.   All are babbling and cooing and jabbering up a storm so there are lots of funny noises made by them each day as they discover their voices.

A few random photos:

Campbell playing peek-a-boo with her blanket

Piper trying to get out of Baby Jail

Their friend Valen came over for a swim!

Travis with Grandma