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Friday, October 26, 2012

We have WALKERS!!!!!

Sorry for the lack of updates but we have entered a new phase in Tripletville......the girls are walking!
Although they are 1 year old, their "adjusted age" is only 10 months so we never expected them to walk this soon.
In other news, Travis is out of his helmet having 'graduated' with a perfect little round noggin....we couldn't me more proud.  ha.

Until next time....a Few recent photos/videos:

Piper, Campbell and Travis wanting to go outside and play


Travis, Campbell and Piper waiting for lunch!

T loves his bath time!!

Piper and Dad

T jumping for joy that Obama 'won' the last debate!!!

C, T and P watching the debates.

Kids learning to use spoons!

Campbell taking a few steps

Typical morning in the playroom. . .