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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

THANK YOU to Sharp Mary Birch Hospital and Travis is on the Move!

Travis is heading home.....sorta.

Yesterday, we heard that our insurance company had agreed to have him transferred from the San Diego Hospital where he and the girls were born to the hospital closest to our house....and it's happening today!   Like the San Diego hospital, the new hospital has a stellar reputation in neonatology and the good news it is within walking distance of our house.  

Travis' only remaining issue is to learn to eat all his feeds from the bottle.  The doctors thought this might take another week or so.  That said, he must have heard the rumor he was being transferred and wanted to make his SD nurses proud as he has taken the full bottle the last several feedings!   If that continues, we should have him home in the next few days.

Although we are very happy to have him closer, it's bittersweet.   We have been going to SD every week/weekend since Morgan was admitted into the hospital (August 4) so it has become our way of life.  In the process, we have fallen in love with San Diego and with the doctors and NICU staff at the hospital.  We know some of them will be lifelong friends.  We look forward to seeing them every year at the NICU reunion and on our frequent trips to SD to visit family

At the risk of forgetting someone, Amy C, Amy W, Alina, Craig, Dana, Dulce, Donna, Ellen, Erika, Heather, Keri, Kristi, Lauren, Marie, Marissa, Melissa, Dr Bernstein, Dr Suri and all the other doctors and nurses at Sharp Mary Birch Hospital, you have taken such GREAT care of our kids.  Campbell, Piper and Travis appreciate all the times you fed them, burped them, changed their diapers and loved on them day and night.  They appreciate the time you spent teaching their dads how to care for them when they get home.  Jim and I appreciate all that you have done for us since that first night in the NICU when we were emotional messes not knowing what to do or where to start.  Since then, you have given us the tools to care for our kids and showed us patience, compassion and respect at every step of the way.   Our children have been given a great start in life and have bright futures because of you and for that we are eternally grateful.

You are amazing people doing amazing work every day and we Thank You.


  1. Great news about Travis!! I can't wait tell the Daddies have all the babies under 1 roof!!!

  2. It has been an incredible journey for all of us:) xoxo

  3. Hi Guys,just came across you blog after doing a search on Sharp Mary Birch NICU Reunion.Your Kids are gorgeous,we often thought how Travis was going and I am glad to see all went well.Life as you know is busy with Triplets but we venturing back to CA to San Diego for the reunion this year.Dreading the flight!!!Anyway we may see you at the reunion if your going in Sept.

    Domenic&Kevin (Australia)

    1. Hey guys! So good to hear from you!!! How's it going? Everyone healthy and happy? Let us know when you are heading this way, maybe we can meet up before the reunion. if not, we are planning to go to the reunion so we will see you there if you make it. Can't wait to hear the updates! JR and Jim

  4. Hey Jim&JR,I think the last time we saw you was around 2 weeks after the Babies were born.Our little Maria went through with flying colours and within 4 weeks we had her home but we had alot of setbacks with mainly Giovanni & Massimo.Giovanni was diagnosed with NEC and he was a very sick little Boy and we almost lost him but he managed to pull through and just before Christmas the Boys came home.We all flew back to Australia Jan 2012 and we now have three healthy,mischievous,running little 17 mth old toddlers.Were loving it but by the time 7pm hits were both exhausted :) .If your on Facebook add us so you can have a look at some pics Domenico Romeo & Kevin Michael Fuller.P.S Love the spring shots adorable!! Dom xx