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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Happy New Year - Holiday Update

Happy New Year!   We hope everyone had a (more) relaxing holiday (than we did). 
Three newborns with acid reflux does not make for a fun-filled or relaxing time but we made the best of it. 

We took our first road trip with the kids to San Diego for Christmas with my dad, brother and his family.   As we were packing the Mini-Van (Jim refuses to say the 'MV' word and instead refers to it as "the Honda"), I quickly realized that we would never fit everything inside that we needed to bring.   I informed Jim to which  he quips "lets just strap some of it to the roof".   Are you @#$%^& kidding me?!  He didn't really just say that?  Isn't it enough that we are TWO men with THREE babies and TWO poodles (ok Labradoodles but you get it) driving a mini-van that is packed to the gills with every baby apparatus known to man for Christ's sake?!   We seriously didn't need any more attention drawn to us by strapping things like luggage/strollers (the nanny) to the top of the van!  
When finished, we had that van loaded up with luggage and strollers blocking the rear view mirror and two bouncy seat frames poking me in the face from the front passenger seat.  Seriously, we looked like the Beverly Hillbillies.   Instead of granny and ellie may in tow, I had Campbell strapped in behind me, Piper next to her and Travis and Jim in the 3rd row seat.     Oh Lord help us!  We were (at best) a Circus Act coming to town or (at worst) a bad Bravo reality show.   I think more the latter as about 45 minutes into the 2 hour drive, Jim informs me that he needed to stop at a bathroom.   Really?!!   We just left!   We were packed in like sardines!  To let Jim out meant moving Piper, the two diaper bags, the pack-n-play and the two dogs!  Besides, we were already late and pushing the babies into a late feeding so there was no way we had time to stop.   Jim said "well, what do you want me to do?"  [At 6:15, did he really want me to answer that?]  So I told him that he needed to set an example for the kids i(n a jokingly paternal tone) that if they didn't take care of business before leaving the house, they would just have to wait.....  haha.  He was not amused....and neither was I when unpacking the van to discover a full "water" bottle had been left in the rear seat cup holder.....I guess he was setting an example for the kids...

Once we arrived at my brother's, everyone pitched in and we had a great time.   My 12 year old niece was particularly amazing with the kids.  She had just finished taking a class on babysitting and you could tell she knew her stuff.  She will be a great babysitter and we intend to use her a lot....if I can afford her!  ha

In other news, the kids are doing great.  They are growing fast (all over 9 lbs) and eating 5 oz per bottle.  
They are all now more alert between bottles and are very good at head/neck control. 
Campbell is still the most alert and enjoys looking around (a lot) and is fussy when we want to put her down for a nap (oh are we going to have problems with her).  She was the first to give us a "real" smile (this past Tuesday) and has been smiling every day since.
Travis was next to smile (or more like a grin) and he is the biggest eater (of course) with Piper not that far behind.  
Piper is still the easiest baby so far.  She eats when we want her to, she burps easily (sometimes on her own) and sleeps like a champ.  All is good with Piper provided she has a pacifier when SHE wants it.....when you are tardy getting her to the pacifier party, she becomes a different child!  

I am back at work full time and Jim will follow suit in 3 more weeks.  Our Nanny is doing great and Grandma is keeping busy making us bibs, blankets and everything in between.  We are so fortunate to have such a wonderful support group!

I promise more pictures soon (we just had the birth announcement photos taken last friday and will post as soon as we get them)

In the meantime, here is a shot I took this morning before leaving for work (and a rare shot with Piper being the only one without a paci!)

Travis  -  Piper  -  Campbell
And here is a short video of Travis this morning.

Cute huh?


  1. Ah the full water bottle...reminds me of road trips during college! Glad things are going well and you're getting out and about. Travis' yawn is awesome. Happy New Year and thanks for the update.

  2. Oh my goodness! This post is hilarious!!! I would have loved to have been a fly on the window (but NO WHERE near that water bottle) for that road trip! Haha!

    The kids are so adorable!!! And the video of Travis is so precious...I especially love his onesie!

    Great to hear from you guys! Take care!

  3. So cute! I love the yawning!! Happy New Year!

  4. Very funny. I am pretty sure we have had the exact same conversations stuffed in our 'mv'. But it's important to get out and about so congrats on that....worthy of lots of praise!
    The bad news is that as they move into toddler-dom, your living room is going to soon look like your stuffed van....SO - MUCH - STUFF!!!!
    HANG on to your hats and enjoy!

  5. LOL nanny on the roof!
    Great post and super cute kiddos :)

  6. Those babies are just so sweet! You two have done well :)

  7. We already miss you all and can't wait for you to visit us again. You both are such awesome dads, the kids are amazing, and it is fun having you nearby (well, I guess not near enough for Jim - he he)!! We love you!! Karen