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Monday, March 12, 2012

Random Thoughts and Photos

We are on day 4 of all three kids sleeping through the night!~   7pm - 7am!  We have a life again!!!!
We can't believe we finally made it (and yet most people think we are lucky they are sleeping through the night this early)  Either way, we'll take it!

In other news, Piper has found her laugh, Campbell has found her tongue and Travis has found his thumb....we're so proud!

Travis and his smile....
Piper looking perplexed

Campbell and her tongue

Travis 'finding' his thumb.


  1. 7PM - 7AM?!?! Time to PAR-TAY! :-)

    They sure are cuties!

  2. I just read this entire post to Bill and we are going to work hard to be exactly like you five, but there's only three of us. Should be easier, no? Any tips?

    1. Schedule Schedule Schedule....even with's all about the schedule!

      you guys are in the home stretch! next time you are in LA, look us up...we have mutual friends!


    2. Hey no way! We are in the OC end of April for about five days. We should meet up!

  3. Guys those are some cute babies!!! With 7-7 you'll be up for hosting elaborate dinner parties any day now, right? :)

  4. Congrats! I am sure you already know how extraordinary it is to have that precious time to recuperate and get ready for the next day! Your babies are growing up (major cuteness by the way!)
    We too were lucky to get our trio sleeping 12 hours pretty early will be amazed how quickly you re-adjust to not having to be up all night (i.e. when you inevitably have a bad night, your body will protest having to get up!)
    Next up...WALKING!!!!
    Best wishes.

  5. Thank you Edward.....just the idea of them all walking scares the %^&* out of me!