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Friday, October 26, 2012

We have WALKERS!!!!!

Sorry for the lack of updates but we have entered a new phase in Tripletville......the girls are walking!
Although they are 1 year old, their "adjusted age" is only 10 months so we never expected them to walk this soon.
In other news, Travis is out of his helmet having 'graduated' with a perfect little round noggin....we couldn't me more proud.  ha.

Until next time....a Few recent photos/videos:

Piper, Campbell and Travis wanting to go outside and play


Travis, Campbell and Piper waiting for lunch!

T loves his bath time!!

Piper and Dad

T jumping for joy that Obama 'won' the last debate!!!

C, T and P watching the debates.

Kids learning to use spoons!

Campbell taking a few steps

Typical morning in the playroom. . .


  1. I LOVE THE OBAMA ONESIES! Your kiddos are adorable...once all three are walking you'll have your hands FULL (not that you don't already). Be well...

  2. Oh my look how big they have gotten!! Too cute!!
    Kathrin (Germany)

  3. The onesies are awesome. I want to put Baxter in one and see if my mother will still hold him!
    Your kids are sooo adorable. I can't believe you already have walkers, my gosh time flying and such. Great update!

  4. The videos are awesome! So fun to see triplets in real time!

  5. I can't believe it has been a year already. Time flies.