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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A quick family update....and some photos.

I'm so sorry for not blogging in a while.   We moved into our new house in July after an extensive remodel, traveled to Florida in October for a friend's birthday, hosted family in town for Thanksgiving and Christmas and haven't had a moment to sit down and post in 2014.  

Kids are all doing great!  Everyone is talking up a storm (lot's of "no's" i'm afraid to say).  They have very distinct personalities.  Campbell is still the 'leader' as the other two defer to her much of the time (although they do like to say that she is 'bossy' ha).   Piper is the comedian....loves to laugh and make everyone else laugh along with her (even when she isn't really being funny).   Travis is very sensitive and the odd-man-out as the girls are the best of friends and often ignore him.   Luckily, he has met a friend in our new neighborhood so the girls don't outnumber the boys. 

They are taking gymnastics, swimming and music classes and enjoy them all.   They start preschool in the fall and we were extremely lucky that all three have been accepted into an excellent preschool here in LA.   The process of getting them into a good preschool here was the nightmare that we had heard about (400 applicants for 15 spots etc.)   We are relieved that process is over and are very happy with our school.

Once the kids are in school, we hope there will be more time for blogging...
Thanks for checking in with us and for your support!
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  1. Oh my goodness...they have grown so much!!! You have a very beautiful family.

  2. They are just so darn cute. Congrats on the preschool success. We, on the other hand, are mildly freaking out about it...hopefully something will open up. Fingers crossed. We'll be in LA, OC, SB tomorrow for a week. Maybe we'll bump in to you out one night (joke). Happy Belated Easter!

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