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Friday, July 8, 2011

Grandma. . .

Of the many changes a pregnancy can bring, one is the new relationship you begin to have with your family. Taking on the role of a father brings a new sense of appreciation for your parents and all that they did for you growing up. To that end, my mom and I have become much much closer since she found out that we were having a baby (triplets about sent her over the edge...but that's another story).   I suppose that she had all but given up on the idea that she would have grandchildren from me so the minute she found out about our family, "Grandma" kicked into high gear!!!

You see, shortly after we told her our news, we received the following in the mail:

Mom made the burp pads in the back right.

Then, a couple of weeks later, we received this:

If that weren't enough, we received this a few weeks after that:

She made the 3 quilts in the front and all the receiving blankets in the back!

Mom said: "Well, I just couldn't resist. Kohl's has their Senior Citizen Discount on Wednesdays and they were also having a huge baby I just picked up a few things for the babies!" Ha! A FEW things? I love my mom and her generosity knows no end but our kids are going to be spoiled by her definition of a 'few'! Ha! I don't know if she learned this as a way of survival growing up with 7 brothers and sisters (she was next to the youngest)! or whether she learned to stock up in "Mom School", but either way, we have never been without. My mom is always one to plan ahead to make sure that the family has what they need and she is always there in any way she can to help so it’s no surprise that she is there for us as we prepare to become dads.

Jim and I worried (see former blog post) about whether it was right for two men to have kids. After some real soul searching, we came to the conclusion that all kids really need is Love. We have plenty of love to give....and, from the looks of it, our kids have a Grandma who already loves them as much as we do. Jim lost his mother a little over a year ago. We can't help but think she too would have been right there with my mom…. buying at Kohls on Wednesday's and sending her treasures our way.

Thank God for Grandmas and Thank God for Mom's.....ours have taught us a lot about compassion, commitment, understanding and most of all "Love". For that we are extremely grateful and humbled.... Thank you Grandma. . .


  1. This is such a sweet post! Grandma is amazing! The quilts are beautiful. You are starting off right! If grandma is bored she can always make some stuff for our triplets! Just joking.

    Mark, dad of triplets.

  2. Grandmas are good for when dads need a break!