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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Bubbles, Momo, Momo's Mama and the 20 week ultrasound. . .

I have been getting lots of angry emails about my posting habits (or lack thereof) so I thought I would combine a few posts into one.  So here goes:  

"Auntie" Bubbles (see prior post) came for a visit last week.   We couldn't wait to see her.  For years I have been referred to as Bubbles' "Second Husband" or her "Gay Husband".   Bubbles says "the role of the Second husband is to take care of me if anything ever happens to Fly Daddy" (see prior post).   That seems fair enough except Bubbles has a very nice life!!  Fly Daddy takes really really good care of her .  Needless to say, I am praying nothing ever happens to Fly Daddy not only because we love him too but because with three babies to care for I 'm not sure I can keep Bubbles in the lifestyle to which she has become very very accustomed.....   We always have fun with Bubbles (and lot's of champagne) when she is here and this trip was no exception.   In fact, Bubbles started her trip with a pub crawl in her local airport and by the time she landed, she was on a roll!   It didn't hurt that she was traveling with her friend (a mom with 3 boys under the age of 4) who knows how to appreciate her time away!    Since Jim had a business meeting, Bubbles and I went out to dinner.  We started talking about the babies and before you knew it we both started crying.  Oh Gawd, not a public cry!  And it wasn't a pretty cry either...I mean, c'mon, Bubbles had mascara rolling down her face in the middle of the freaking restaurant!  After we collected ourselves, we started laughing because we overheard the ladies next to us comment that 'we must be having marital problems!'   I just knew at any moment Bubbles was going to lean over and say "Oh we're having marital problems alright because my husband here is Gay and is now having triplets with his Husband!"   Ha!   That was just one of the many stories we had with Bubbles during her week here shopping for the babies, crying about the babies, having boozy lunches, more shopping for the babies, more crying and more boozy lunches.   Although we can do without the crying, we can't wait for Bubbles to come back and visit us!

We also had our 20 week ultrasound last week and everything looked good.   I think we scared the technician with all the people we had in tow.   Of course Bubbles cried within minutes of seeing 'her babies' for the first time....although it was a pretty cry this time.   Morgan, who is affectionately called "Momo" by her nephews,  looked great!  She looked so cute in her maternity dress.....and we just can't get over that baby belly!   We think the name "Momo" is perfect for her and we hope she let's the jelly beans and peanut call her Momo too.  Morgan's Mama came to the appointment and got to see the babies for the first time too.  We had actually met Momo's Mama last week when we surprised her by showing up at David's Bridal while she was shopping for her other daughter's wedding.   I walked up behind her and told her that I didn't think that color was right for her!   HA  It was like a bad ambush reality a cross between "Queer Eye" and "Say Yes to the Dress".  Well she gave me a look that I will never forget.   Like she thought we were some bad wedding stylists there to ruin her good time.  Her look even caused Jim to hide behind a row of wedding dresses thinking I had the wrong woman!  After a little back/forth, we all had a good laugh after we told her that we were the ones that got her daughter pregnant!  We also got to meet Momo's younger sisters (twins) who couldn't have been more sweet.  Although Jim and I were nervous at first, we fell in love with the whole family immediately.  They have truly embraced us and it feels great.   Since Momo's Mama carried twins herself, she knows a thing or two about multiples.  It was great having her at the ultrasound and  it was cute when Morgan told her mom that she had 'one upped' her with carrying triplets!   Speaking of the trips, they are about a pound each and all are growing at the same rate/size  The jelly beans (A and )B are head down and peanut (C) is head up.  

Morgan is really starting to feel them all kick and move now which makes this all the more real for Jim and I.   This week we say Thank You to Bubbles, Momo, Momo's Mama and the rest of her family for all they have done for us.  Without them, we wouldn't be enjoying this process as much as we have been and because of them, all is good in triplet world.

Until next time.... 

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  1. OMGOSH! We had our 20 week ultrasound yesterday! I am so thrilled for you guys! And not the slightest bit jealous of having three (hee hee).