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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

3 weeks 5 days old

Just a (very) quick update on the kids.

Doctors decided it was time to start trying to feed the girls by bottle.  Babies start learning to "suck/swallow/breathe" at about 34 weeks gestation.   Since our kids are just a little over 33 weeks, they told us not to get discouraged as it would likely "take a while".   Well, they don't know our kids.
Piper took 1/4th of her first bottle and Cam took half!   By the third bottle, they were taking the whole thing...and within 15 minutes...these girls are hungry!

Other news:
Campbell was first to move into an open crib.  She is now taking two bottles per 12 hour shift and weighs just under 4 lbs.

Piper moved into an open crib on Monday.  She is also taking two bottles per 12 hour shift and weighs 3lbs 9oz.

Travis was moved into an open crib on Tuesday.  He is not yet ready ("wimpy white boy") for the bottle and is happy with his feeding tube.   He had is nasal canula removed on Monday and is doing great without it!  He seems to have moved past all his pulmonary issues and is rapidly catching up to his sisters.

Doctors are thinking that we will be bringing the girls home in a 'couple of weeks' and Travis a week or two after the girls.....then the Real Fun begins.  Stay tuned.


  1. Thanks for the update! All sounds great!! Again, I am very happy for the 5 (!!) of you.

  2. Very good to hear! Keep growing strong, babies!!

  3. Good news...thanks for the update! Amazing how these little lives can be so strong...they'll be home in no time and you'll REALLY have your hands full!

  4. Keep the updates coming! Oh... and if you THINK about it some new pictures! LOL.

  5. I think Travis is just being very laid back. He is in no hurry!!! I can't wait tell you all are home...Oh, how are the "4 legged" babies going to think of all these other babies?