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Monday, October 24, 2011

A few new pictures and a Happy Birthday to Momo!

The kids are doing very well in the NICU.
Piper is eating all her meals from a bottle.  In fact, she was so bored with the feeding tube in her nose that she ripped it out herself!   (and we thought she was going to be the mild one)

Campbell is taking every other meal by bottle and doing well.

Travis is not yet interested in the bottle and prefers to snooze while being fed through the feeding tube....hoping that changes soon.

Doctors think Piper will come home in a week with Campbell coming home at the same time or shortly thereafter.  Travis is likely home in 3 weeks or so.  They are all healthy and growing fast.  All are over 4 lbs now and gaining weight everyday.  It won't be long now before the real fun begins and we can't wait.

Happy Birthday to Momo today!!!! 
She is spending her birthday at the hospital with Cora giving the kids lots of attention.  Looking forward to celebrating with her this coming weekend.

Here are a few pictures from this past weekend in the NICU.

Daddy giving Campbell her bath....terrified....(and I don't mean Campbell)

Piper getting her first bottle......loving it

Travis just looking around.....

That's all from here.
Until next time. . .


  1. The last one is precious of Travis. What great photos! Glad things are going well. Thinking good thoughts for you guys. Take care.

  2. They are absolutely adorable!!!! Thank you for sharing the pictures with us!


  3. Adorable pictures. Thank you for sharing. They are so very sweet. Happy Birthday Momo!! =)

  4. They are sooo cute!! Thanks for the update. Wonderful to hear how gret they are all doing.

    Happy Birthday Momo!

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOMO!!! Man, all three of those babies are SUPER ADORABLE! Thanks for the pics. I love the one of Travis, you guys are blessed!

  6. They are all so sweet.

  7. Such great news...The girls are rocking the bottle, love that! I'm thinking Travis is like most boys, happy to let someone else do the work! As long as the feeding tube is there why waste the energy when I can be checking everything out and lookin adorable!! Haha!

    Thanks for the updates, I'm dying to see them!! oxox, ~AA

  8. Oh my goodness, they are so cute..You can really see just how different they look!! Fingers crossed you will be two very exhausted daddies very soon..Happy birthday Momo:))