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Friday, May 4, 2012

8 Month actual - (6 Month adjusted) Update

Piper - Travis - Campbell
We know....we know.....we are BAD bloggers!!!!   so much to do, so little time....but we are loving EVERY minute of our life.   The above photo was taken this morning right before's hard to be in a bad mood (or tired) when you wake up to these little faces every morning...

Quick Update:

The kids are eating solid food!  Travis eats everything (and a lot of it).   Piper likes most things (especially sweet potatoes) and Campbell either likes it or she doesn't and if she doesn't she will let you know it!

They have been sleeping through the night for a couple of months now so we are all happy in the morning (including the Dads!)   Piper likes to roll over and sleep on her stomach every night while the other two are happy on their left side (Travis sucking his thumb and Campbell with a pacifier).

Piper is getting her two lower front teeth so, at the moment, she is drooling and gumming everything in sight (including her brother/sister's hands and feet!) 

All else is good in our world...hope it is in yours.