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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Happy (Belated) Mothers Day!!

Sorry this post is late.  We were traveling to Mississippi for a High School Reunion this weekend and didn't have a chance to post until now.
Given that our kids have two Dads, Mothers Day will have a 'special' or 'different' meaning for us than for most.
Although there isn't a 'mother' in the kids lives, they are lucky to have wonderful women in their lives not the least of which is their Grandma M.
Grandma M has been an Amazing support to us from the very beginning of our journey from sending us goodie baskets (see prior posts) with clothing and handmade burp cloths to all the beautiful handmade quilts for each of the kids.  She is a constant source of support for us and our kids absolutely love her!
While we were away this weekend, we couldn't think of anyone better suited to stay with the kids than Grandma M.   Although they have very busy lives themselves, we very much appreciated Grandma and her husband Blair's willingness to drop their plans and stay at our house to watch the kids while we took our first trip away from them.

So we celebrated GrandMothers Day this past Sunday and we hope that there are many more Mothers Days with Grandma M.  

As you can see by the picture below, our kids love their Grandma!

Thank you Grandma....we love you.


  1. Beautiful babies with their beautiful grandma.

    Happy GrandMother's Day!

    Have a great trip you two!

  2. Oh so cute they love gma for sure!

  3. Too cute. I love the picture.