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Monday, August 26, 2013

Busy Dads = Bad Bloggers!!!

With (almost) two year olds running around in every different direction, we barely have time to turn around much less to blog.   That said, many of you have asked for recent pictures of the kids, so that is the least we could do.

Campbell, Piper and Travis are growing like crazy, talking up a storm and making our lives complete every single day.   Thank you for your continued interest in them (and us) and enjoy the photos....


Piper and Campbell wearing their new dresses made by their Grandma (they call her Nana)

Campbell sitting in the dentist chair all by herself (Piper and Travis had to be held)

Travis having watermelon on the rind for the first time

Piper being funny (at least she thinks she is)

Campbell enjoying her spaghetti

Travis eating (likely Campbell's) spaghetti!

Heading to the pool in style

Touring the (new) neighborhood after swimming


  1. I don't know how you guys do it. I have twins and I'm barely surviving most days. If you get time for another blog entry, please write tips and strategies for dealing with triplets. I'd love to know how you do it...and I bet it'll make my two seem easy.

  2. I LOVE seeing the pictures and am constantly amazed at how fast they are growing!! You guys must be doing something right...they look awesome!!

  3. Hi, I discovered your blog by googling "sleeping with DOC band". My little boy just got his and did not do very well his first couple of nights, so I'm in desperate need of support. After reading the post about the band, I went to your very first post and started making my way up. What a wonderful family you have there. Just want thank you for sharing your experience with us. Please don't stop updating.
    -stranger in awe

    1. Dear SIA
      i'm sorry for the late response…we are not very good at checking our blog i'm sorry to say. I am hoping by now your little one is either out of his band or at least use to wearing it at night. Luckily, other than one night or two, we didn't have too much trouble with our three getting use to wearing them. the girls were in them for such a short period of time and our son, while in much longer, didn't seem to care about it at all. we cared more for him i think…
      we look back on the experience and it is such a short blip on the radar…we sometimes forget they even had them on!
      anyway, thank you for the nice compliments…we are taking things one day at a time.
      people say it gets easier…and we keep waiting for that day to come (ha).
      although it's still very hard to manage three, we can say that the fun times are way more plentiful and we are having a ball….
      thanks for your kind words…