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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

16 week ultrasound!!

So here we are.....16 weeks!  Jim and I can't believe it.  The doctor's appointment was at 8 am this morning.   Rather than get up at 5 for the drive (if you know me, that isn't going to happen very often), we drove down to San Diego last night and stayed with my brother, sister-in-law and two nieces (thank you Madison for giving up your bed!).   We got to the doctor's office a little early and it wasn't long before we saw Morgan get off the elevator.  We were So Happy to see her.  She looked GREAT!  She was practically glowing and she looked so cute in her maternity top.   The first trimester was not an easy one for her so were happy to see her looking so good, joking around with us and being her happy sweet self again....let's hope the babies keep it that way.  Ha

We had a different ultrasound tech this morning who was pregnant with her third boy (so she knew a thing or two about ultrasounds)  She took us back and it wasn't very long before we could see how much the babies have grown.   We hadn't seen them in four weeks and it's amazing how much difference one month makes.  All three babies were very active this morning.  They were kicking, turning and waving their little hands and was so great.    

The ultrasound tech started the exam with Baby A which was the baby in the middle.   Morgan, Jim and I were immediately confused.  Until now, the babies were always referred to as Babies A, B and C from Morgan's left side to right side (or right to left on the ultrasound screen) with Baby B always in the middle.  However, this ultrasound tech said that Baby A is normally the baby closest to the cervix so Baby A should be in the middle.  Who were we to question?  So we now have Baby A in the middle, Baby B to Morgan's left and Baby C to Morgan's right.   The tech confirmed that Baby A is a girl, Baby B is a boy and Baby C is a girl (at least they didn't move positions as that would have been way too confusing).  She took all their measurements, looked at their brains/hearts and other organs and said that everything was proceeding perfectly.  The girls each weigh 5 oz and the boy weighs 6 oz.   We couldn't have been happier with all the good news.

She even treated us to a few 4D pictures:
Baby Girl "A"
Baby Boy "B"

Baby Girl "C"

 We already love these little jelly beans and think they're pretty cute.  Can't wait to see them next month!


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  1. OMGosh! They are SUPER cuuuute! We are having a panic attack over ONE, I can only imagine how you guys are doing. LOL.