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Friday, June 24, 2011

Triplet Boot Camp in Palm Springs.

Through friends (and the blog universe), we have met some great guys who have beautiful 9+ month old triplet girls.  They have graciously offered us a "Triplet Boot Camp" of sorts this weekend at their home in Palm Springs (within a block or two of our former weekend home there...who knew!).   When the guys discovered they were expecting triplets, they visited another couple in the Pacific Northwest with triplet boys of their own.   They said the weekend was a great experience in learning what to expect down the road so they have offered the same to us.   We are SO looking forward to meeting them and their girls and doing anything/everything they ask of us this weekend.   Wish us luck....we have so much to learn!.   [Look for Jim's post with all the details next week.]


  1. Have sooo much fun this weekend!! You are going to LOVE them all... they are the most welcoming couple and have the most amazing girls (a little thanks to me =). Wish our timing could have been better, but we'll aim to meet the next time.

  2. Sorry we will miss you Ashley....but we WILL get to meet you and your husband sometime soon! for some reason, i keep thinking you guys live in the Inland Empire and not Pasadena....which is So Close!
    have a great weekend....we will check in with you next week.....wish us luck!

  3. I wanna come too!!!
    Hahaha have a great weekend guys!

  4. Can't wait to hear how the weekend went!