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Monday, August 1, 2011

PLEASE. . . PLEASE. . . PLEASE. . . .NO MINI-VAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There, I said it....I''m putting it out into the UNIVERSE.
I'm hoping that someone, some 'Higher Power', hears me, grants this wish and convinces Jim that a MV (I can't even say the name) is a BIG MISTAKE!
I see all these other dads of multiples buying the Ford Expedition, the Mercedes/Lexus SUV or the Toyota Sequoia (my favorite).   All are great cars that will carry us and our circus act and still have room for the strollers, the diaper bag, the snack bag and Grandma,  Momo or Bubbles when they visit!
So do you think we could pick one of those great choices? NO!    Jim wants a mini-van period end-of-discussion.  Really?!?!  Can I bribe him into another choice?  um NO!
He has gone so far as to have narrowed "his" search down to the Toyota Sienna or the Honda Odyssey.   I guess the AMC Pacer and the Ford Pinto were no longer in production!   He says he will pick Black just to make it more 'cool'.......UGG
Isn't there a Porsche 4 seat passenger car we could outfit to accommodate us?   How about a BMW X 5 with a roof rack for the snack pack and Bubbles??? ha
I'm just hoping that Jim changes his mind and goes for something more.....well, I would say 'practical' but then that would BE the mini-van.  Maybe I'm hoping that he goes for something more.....affordable (ok - mini-van) or fuel efficient (Gawd - mini-van).  Is there really no other choice???
Ok, so I know having triplets is suppose to make me more responsible and mature...but truthfully, I just can't bring myself to the realization that we are quickly becoming 'those people' .......and you know what I'm talking about.  There has to be another way.  We papa/dad combos are usually known for our fashion, our design sense and our style.....and a mini-van just doesn't fit!
So, unless I can convince him otherwise, I am looking at a minimum of 60 months of hard labor in mini-van prison...
Where is Carson Kressley or Nate Berkus when I need them?   I'm sure they could whip up an alternative to the mini-van in two seconds and save me from the inevitable.....Oh well, I can wish can't I?


  1. I think you two...err five will look AAADORABLE in a minivan...hee hee snicker giggle.

  2. Chevy tahoe hybrid ..... Love mine and so do my 4 kids

  3. I vote for the Toyota Sequoia too! It's my fav and it is so roomy!! But, you guys will be the cutest fam in a MV =)

  4. I think the Honda Odyssey is the top rating MV. Anything with a sliding back door is what you need(I know, sorry JR, (as I'm laughing out loud). Jim is right, if you get it in black you all will "hot"!! Ahhh-so sweet :)!

  5. You mean you don't want a swagger wagon??

  6. This blog made me laugh. I also did not want a minivan because it was NOT COOL! I ended up with a Grand Caravan, fully loaded. With my CD's blasting, it was so cool! My message is that the outside of the vehicle doesn't matter -- only what precious cargo you are carrying -- and of course what music you are jammin' to!

  7. Thanks fit visiting and commenting on our AZ Triplet Tales blog. We had the same discussion on the MV issue, and chose the Expedition, but we know our day is coming in "MV Prison" as you put it. We are only 1 week after delivery now, but This experience will be the best in your lives. Congratulations, and let us know if you make it to Phoenix! Sid & Aaron

  8. Hey, our mini-van has automatic doors. Yeah, yeah, see, you're liking the idea, aren't you? Okay, you're not but it makes me feel cool. I've even rolled up onto Northgate in College Station with that mom-mobile and picked up my drunk friends. Its uses are endless.