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Thursday, August 25, 2011

26 Weeks (Hospital - 21 days)

Here we are at 26 weeks!!!!! Morgan is still a Rock Star and handling everything (except the terrible hospital food) very well. Contractions have slowed or are non-existent and that is great news. Cora and all the girls from Modern Family Surrogacy Center (THE Best in the business in my opinion) have been taking care of her in our absence and doing an Amazing job I might add!

Vacation has been great but really missed being close to Morgan and the jelly beans so I am heading back from the East Coast early to avoid Irene and to see them all on Saturday!!!!

So happy to report that all is calm in our world at the moment. Next goal is 28 weeks!!!!!


  1. PHEW! YAY! I am so glad things are going well!!!

  2. Very happy for you! 26 weeks!! WOW!

  3. Way to go Morgan! Happy everything is going well.
    Sending continued good thoughts-