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Monday, August 29, 2011

Momo/Ultrasound/NICU Tour/Happy Birthdays

Introducing MOMO!

Isn't she stunning!!!!

Jim and I spent the weekend in San Diego visiting Momo.   She looks fantastic and we are still So Amazed at her attitude.   Although hospital bed rest cannot be easy, she makes it look so.   She has some excellent nurses taking care of her and her positive attitude is seen by everyone.   At one point, we were laughing so hard, we were told we needed to 'keep it down'....although i secretly think the nurses really like all the commotion in Momo's room as the other 'residents' of her floor are typically rather somber, depressed, angry or sad.   Momo smiles and laughs with everyone who comes into her room (otherwise known as The Princess Suite) so she get's lots of attention and we are happy about that.   She does have One Rule though:  To Enter Here,  You Must Bring Food!     So take note if you are visiting.....  HA.

Dr D came to see her yesterday and decided it was time for another ultrasound.  (We hadn't seen the babies since the 25th of July, so we were very excited to see how they were doing and how Momo's cervix was holding up after the surgery).   Dr was very happy to see that all the babies are weighing in at a little over 2 lbs each.   Baby A (girl) is still sitting very low on M's cervix.   Baby B (boy) has now turned breach and baby C (girl) has turned head down.   Each baby has plenty of fluid surrounding them (a good thing) and all baby's heart rates/growth rates are perfectly on schedule.   M says Baby girls A and C are the most active and Baby boy B is very chill (that is, until the heart monitors go on and he runs for the hills!)

The BEST news is that Morgan's cervix has doubled in size since the surgery!   Her cervix is measuring at 2.4 bed rest is really working for her and all the babies.   We were all very happy about that news and feel that we are going to be in good shape over the next few weeks while the babies continue to grow/develop.

We were pushing for M to have wheelchair privileges but the Dr said "not until 28 weeks"   We love our Dr D and, although M was disappointed, we know that he has Momo, the jelly beans and peanut's best interests at heart and 28 weeks is only 10 days away.   That said, he did allow us all to take the NICU tour so M could get out of her room for a half hour or so.

The NICU tour was enlightening, scary and sweet at the same time.   There were some very sick babies in there which was hard to see but the nurses are SO passionate about what they do, you could tell that all the babies were very well cared for (and Loved).   Each baby has it's own team of 2 specialized nurses at any one time who rotate on 12 hour shifts.  One Neonatalogist and one Anesthesiologist are on duty 24 hours a day so these babies have everything they need.   Although the NICU can be a very scary place, we felt comfortable knowing that if our babies have to spend time there, they will be in The Best place they could possibly be to get well enough to come home to us......

Happy 12th Birthday to my niece Madison yesterday, Happy Birthday to Bubbles today and a very Happy Birthday tomorrow to my partner, my love and A, B and C's Daddy.  Love you all. 


  1. Very happy all is well. Momo is loking amazing.
    Happy Birthday!

  2. looks and sounds like things are going well. congratulations to Momo for such a great recovery!

  3. Loved reading your blog! I absolutely LOVE when good things happen to good people. I will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers as week 28 comes and goes.
    I am also a surrogate and coming up to 35 weeks with one BIG boy. This is my third, and last, try at having a good experience through surrogacy. For the most part, this time it's pretty close. I wished and prayed for a wonderful, loving and appreciative couple to come along. Momo is extremely blessed to have you two by her side and a new part of the family as well.
    Keep up the good spirits! Everything is going to turn out Wonderful and you are going to have an amazing family soon, but not too soon, hopefully :o)
    Looking forward to your next post.