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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

27 Weeks 3 days

Spent the weekend with Morgan (and the jelly beans) in San Diego.
Ursula is still in control and she let us know it Saturday night.
Morgan's contractions spiked so the doctor on call (more conservative than our regular doctor) increased her Magnesium from 3g to 4g for two hours.  This increase scared us all as we were told by one of the nurses that this hospital never goes above 3g of Mag.   We since learned that, on rare occasions, the doctors will increase Mag up to 6g....but only in very rare instances.   The two hour increase slowed everything way down for the rest of the weekend.

Morgan had a really good day on Sunday as her Mom, Dad and two brother-in-laws (well, one brother-in-law and one brother-in-law-to-be as of this saturday!) were in for a visit.   It was really nice to meet her Dad (whom we had never met) and to see how much he loves his daughter and how he respects her and is proud of what she is doing.   You never know how a surrogate's family is going to react to the news of her decision to be a surrogate.  After all, their daughter is going to put her life on hold (at minimum) or her health in danger (at worse) for strangers.   We were a little nervous to meet her Dad but quickly realized that he was just like the rest of the family.   As we have said many times on this blog, Morgan's entire family is wonderful.  They are supportive, loving, respectful people and have made us feel part of their family from the start.  We are really blessed to have them in our lives. 

Here is another belly shot of Morgan at 27 Weeks 3 Days
Two more days until 28 weeks!


  1. She looks great! I am glad those little jelly beans are sticking! So what happens at 28 weeks? Will they keep her on the Mag?

  2. Those babies look like they've grown over the last week! :) Keep on keeping on!