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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Birth Story

Friday night started out like all the other Friday's for the past 7 weeks.   Morgan was doing well and we were preparing for our weekend.  In this case, we were preparing for our baby shower (which deserves it's own post...but what an Amazing event!).  Jim and his brother had driven down to San Diego to introduce my mom and her husband to Morgan.   They had a great visit and all was good.   Everyone arrived back in LA late that afternoon/evening.   Jim and I were in the middle of opening up the shower gifts from my mom/husband (which also deserve a separate post!) when our cell phones rang (around 7:30 or so).   Jim took the call in the other room.   All I could hear from his conversation was our doctor's name and I knew something was up.   When Jim came back into the room, he announced that Morgan's water had broken!   We were all in shock I think.    (Things afterward are somewhat blurry but I will try and get this right.)
As was the plan, we called Cora who immediately drove to the hospital to be with Morgan.  We were told to 'take our time' as nothing would happen that night.   So, we 'took our time' and packed a bag in 30 minutes.   Now, if you know anything about us, I can pack a bag in 30 seconds (I may look like hell, but I can pack a bag quickly) but 30 minutes is record time for Jim!  HA   We got on the road around 8pm.   Since SD is usually 2 hours door-to-door, we expected to arrive around 10pm.   Although Jim doesn't like it, I have a lead foot under normal, it was particularly ironic when he looked at me at one point and said "you're driving like a grandma!"   Ha.   So, although I promised my mom that I would drive safely, I do admit that I broke that promise for a few miles that night.
Cora kept us updated with texts along the way and here are the actual texts between Cora and Jim (Sean is our doctor):
9:12pm  [J]  Ok. Is Sean there?
[J]  Do they have the viacord kits?
[C]  Havent heard him but they put me in a side hallway...
[C]  Yes, the kits are there :)
[C]  I think he is in there now...
[C]  I hate that no one can be in there with her until the actual c-section part!
{J]  Ugh. That sucks. I'm sure she's scared. We are in san clemente. The Daddy is hauling
{J]  We're 45 mins out. 
[C]  He is here, just talked to Sean.. Giving her spinal now, will start in 5 
minutes. Will take pics from my phone.
Be safe!! 
Love you guys so much!!
[J]  We love you! Good luck. Let God be with Dr D and Morgan. Babies are in good 
[C]  Yes!! Everything will be great. He says they'll be just fine and to tell you 
dont worry...
[J]  K. We'll try. 
[J]  Can u ask where we go when we get there?
9:31pm  [C]  OR recovery...
[C]  Pictures!! :-)))
[C]  First spinal didnt work, Sean is doing it again...
9:45pm  [C]  So couple more minutes...
[J]  Ok Just got to the 805. 
[J]  Please tell Sean we're at the 805 and 5 so 13 miles away
[C]  Doing it now...
[C]  I told him...
[J]  Delivering now?
9:50pm  [C]  All done! 
[J]  OMG. How are they?!!!
[C]  OMG
[C]  They look awesome!!
[C]  C was the boy!
[J]  LOL. What order?
[C]  Travis was last. 
[C]  They are crying!!
[C]  Awww. We are laughing!!!!
[J]  YAY!!!!!!!'
[J]  We are daddies!!!!
[J]  30 fingers 30 toes? Everything good?  We're almost there!!!
[J]  Big hug to Morgan and dr d!!

Once we were inside the hospital, it took us about 5 minutes to get our operating room outfits on.  As you can see on Morgan below, they are quite sexy and will likely be all the rage in Paris during next year's fashion week.

As we walked into the room, there were 3 isolets in a row with about a dozen people around the babies working on them.   They were only minutes old and were still being cleaned and evaluated.  The Doctor told us that they were screaming when they were born so all had good lungs and that they were very happy with their weights and coloring (especially for their 30 week 1 day gestation age).

Campbell Bruner was born at 9:48 weighing 3.4 lbs and 17.25 inches long

Piper Whitsett was born at 9:49pm weighing 3.3 lbs and 16 inches long

Travis James was born at 9:49 weighing 3.5 lbs and 16.5 inches long.

Shortly after seeing each of the babies for the first time (a moment we will never forget) we asked to see Morgan as she wasn't in the room with the babies.  The doctor pointed to what can only be described as a drive thru window.   The doctor raised the window and there she was, with Cora by her side,  looking happy and scared all at the same time.

Morgan immediately after delivery......Look at that smile!

The first thing she said was "Hi Daddies!  How are the babies?"  That is when I lost it.   Here she was.... in the most vulnerable position, still in the middle of her surgery with everything out on the table and all she can think about is us and our kids.   She is truly an amazing woman. . .
Doctor D said that Campbell had ruptured her bag and that there had been no stopping them from being born that night. 

I followed Campbell into the NICU and Jim followed with Piper and Travis shortly thereafter.   Once the kids were stable, we met up with Morgan in recovery and stayed with her until about 2:30 am.  

Although we missed the actual birth, it was an amazing night and we wouldn't have changed a thing.

JR/Jim in the recovery room

[We promise to post pictures of the babies soon....]


  1. hey guys, ok...i cried. especially when Morgan said "Hi Daddies! How are the babies?" Because that is pretty much along the lines of what my niece said when she woke up from the egg retrieval for us. Here she was, all hopped up on fertility drugs at age 26, in a foreign country, in a let's say "very interesting" medical environment, and all she said was "Did you get what you needed?" I was a blubbering idiot and sat and hugged her for a long time. It was a very special moment and it's at this time you can see the reason why people do this for others who cannot do it themselves. It's an amazing act of selflessness. Just AWESOME. Can't wait for baby pics...congrats!

  2. What a great story guys. Congrats!!

  3. So amazing!!! That was a wonderful story! Congrats again... can't wait to see those pics =)

  4. Have ti admit to shedding a tear. SUCH a wonderful story.

  5. Yes, it's wonderful, it's wonderful!! Congrats to you daddies and to Morgan. And welcome to the babies in this crazy (and wonderful!) world.

  6. Congrats!!!! Can't wait to see baby pictures. Big Hugs to Morgan. Oh, and Piper was one of my unused baby names- yeah! (not that you have time to read blogs now- LOL)